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If you could take a little mental holiday and go to any imaginary place, where would you go?
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Send me a postcard, handmade or otherwise, from an imaginary location. It can be a place from a book or a movie or a piece of music, or some other world you made up. On the other side, write and tell me what you've been doing on your vacation from reality.

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Wish I Were Here
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Postcard the thirty-second: Ski Olympus Mons

Winter holidays are such fun, aren't they?

Even when you're operating on a tighter budget, they can still be a blast.

Frolicking vacationer Coco writes:
"Forget the snobby Winter Hexagon people & book 2 weeks at Olympus Mons! I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. With both kids in school out in the Carina-Sagittarius Arm now and the Charon Ski Resort (our usual spot) getting more & more exclusive, we had to cut back on our annual ski trip. I was worried Olympus Mons would be full of loser Earth-dwellers leaving the planet for the first time (& it is), but something about the Martian snow made it all worth it!

As someone with a kid in school right now, I can relate. Coco makes a great point: before you relegate a particular place to the status of "tourist trap," check it out first. Celebrated famous places, while they'll always have their detractors, usually became famous for a good reason. Thanks for the card!

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