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If you could take a little mental holiday and go to any imaginary place, where would you go?
And what would you do while you were there?

Send me a postcard, handmade or otherwise, from an imaginary location. It can be a place from a book or a movie or a piece of music, or some other world you made up. On the other side, write and tell me what you've been doing on your vacation from reality.

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Wish I Were Here
6219 156th Ave. NE
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

I'll scan a selection of postcards and post them to the blog for all and sundry to enjoy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Postcard the fifty-seventh: Orca Planet

It seems the third most popular creature out there, after dragons and giant spacefaring jellyfish, is whales.

Case in point: the mysterious Orca Planet (which may or may not be Mars).

Our friend Snail, currently visiting this planetary wonder, writes:
"There is no food or water here, and I have to wear this ugly space suit, but at least I don't have to be on a planet with reality TV."


You know, everyone complains about not having flying cars or hoverboards, but the thing I really expected from the future was a more comfortable -- nay, stylish -- space suit. How 'bout it, future?

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