How's this place work?

If you could take a little mental holiday and go to any imaginary place, where would you go?
And what would you do while you were there?

Send me a postcard, handmade or otherwise, from an imaginary location. It can be a place from a book or a movie or a piece of music, or some other world you made up. On the other side, write and tell me what you've been doing on your vacation from reality.

All postcards to be addressed to:

Wish I Were Here
6219 156th Ave. NE
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

I'll scan a selection of postcards and post them to the blog for all and sundry to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Postcard the seventeenth: Greetings from Walifornia

Today Emily A sends a beautiful, and more than a little wistful, postcard.

That looks... a little bit familiar, actually.

Emily writes:
"Hi Soozcat,
I'm a 2nd year Computer Science Engineering major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I'm from Seattle [YAY] and as this quarter has been getting harder I've been feeling pretty homesick. [aww] My imaginary location combines my favorite spot in California, MontaƱa de Oro, and home, Seattle. If only they actually were this close to each other."

I can so relate to this. Many's the time I've wished my favorite places were jammed up close to each other in a cosmic fun palace of easy visiting. Thanks for writing, Emily! (And let me know if you want a Seattle care package.)

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