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If you could take a little mental holiday and go to any imaginary place, where would you go?
And what would you do while you were there?

Send me a postcard, handmade or otherwise, from an imaginary location. It can be a place from a book or a movie or a piece of music, or some other world you made up. On the other side, write and tell me what you've been doing on your vacation from reality.

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Wish I Were Here
6219 156th Ave. NE
Redmond, WA 98052
United States

I'll scan a selection of postcards and post them to the blog for all and sundry to enjoy.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Postcard the forty-ninth: The End of Time

It's got to be pretty melancholy hanging around at the end of time, don't you think?

At least they have a souvenir stand where you can buy postcards.

Shinji writes:
Here at the end of time everything seems lonely. I'm the only one I have seen in days. Where is everyone? Did the Evangelion cause this? Where is Griffith?"

Apparently being at the end of time puts one in a mood for questions. How many roads must a man walk down? What was the answer to life, the universe and everything? Why didn't I book a slot in that big space castle when I had the chance? Who mourns for Adonais? And what about... Naomi?

Man, I'm really showing my age with these questions. But it's not like age matters much at the end of time, right?

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